Born on April 3rd 1994 in The Netherlands. Started Freestyle Skiing in 2009. Since I’ve started skiing my whole life changed. It became a full on addiction, and I can tell you, that there is no better feeling than landing a new trick successfully for the first time. I fell in love with the playful, creative and progressive side of the sport, and later the competitive scene.
In the Netherlands I don’t live near an indoor slope like most Dutch riders. So I used to travel for 5 hours a day to get there and back, just to ski. Living in a flat country riding indoor domes created a opportunity to ride, film and compete all year long.
I love to travel, because there is nothing like a freshly shaped park or halfpipe in the mountains, or meeting new people and seeing new places. Skiing has already led me to different places all over the world like New Zealand and America.
I’ve been trough some rough times with injuries, but I will never let it stop me from getting back on skis. We know all the risks going into it and we decide that it’s worth it. Because the times of utter misery are so worth it for the times of complete happiness. I love skiing so much, I get so much out of just one good day of skiing I could take on a whole other year of injuries. That is what keeps me going, my passion for the sport. I don’t ski because I love the feeling of skiing. I ski because it makes me love the feeling of living.
My main goal is to ski as much as possible, to reach my full potential and become the best skier I can be. I really want to promote freestyle skiing in The Netherlands, to help the community grow and create more support for the skiers here. For the last two years I have been traveling all over the world to compete in high level halfpipe contests. Working hard for my goal of competing in the 2018 Olympics.

Dew Tour

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Unfortunately Dew Tour didn’t go my way, ended up falling and hurting my left shoulder. I’m still really thankful for the opportunity and the amazing experience! I Really hope I

Do what you love

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Perseverance, its the hard work you put in after you get tired from doing the hard work that you already did. It’s all about having goals, but not just any

Nieuws uit Nijmegen!

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Wat een steun vandaag uit Nijmegen! Dankjewel Nieuws uit Nijmegen! Klik hier voor het hele artikel! .

Altijd N1

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Dankjewel Nijmegen1 voor het delen van mijn verhaal!! .

Vandaag in De Gelderlander!

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Dankjewel! Thank you!

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I want to sent a big thank you to everyone that has supported me so far!! It’s absolutely amazing to see everyone coming together and helping me reach my dream!

De Brug Nijmegen

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Deze week is mijn verhaal te lezen in De Brug Nijmegen! .

De Jonge 100

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Naast de succesvolle start van mij Crowdfunding campagne met Wij zijn Sport ben ik genomineerd voor De Jonge 100 van Ondertussen.nl! In de categorie Champions! De Jonge 100 zijn de

Crowdfunding campagne van start! (Crowdfunding campaign)

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“Alleen op de Wereld” Zo voel ik me vaak wanneer ik weer als jong meisje tussen de bondscoaches van andere landen sta bij de captainsmeeting. Topsporter zijn in een land

Dew Tour Invite

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“Congratulations on your invitation to compete in Ski Superpipe at the 2015 Breckenridge Dew Tour!” There is no way to describe all the happy feelings I’m experiencing since I got