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Down Under seizoen Isabelle Hanssen voorbij door blessure

Blessures zijn niet makkelijk, maar het is belangrijk om positief te blijven!
Lees hier over mijn ongeluk, blessure en hoe ik ermee omga!

“Bad news from Down Under want freeskiester Isabelle Hanssen moest de eerste training van de NZ Winter Games World Cup vroegtijdig afbreken na een harde crash in de halfpipe. Een te diepe landing in de transition tijdens een Alley Oop 540 was de boosdoener waarna haar schouder uit de kom raakte.”

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Everything happens for a reason

We all have challenges and opportunities on the road of life and it’s within our power to channel them in ways to support our dreams.

A few days ago during the first training of the New Zealand Winter Games World Cup I had a bad crash on an alley oop 540 and landed really deep in the transition and ended up dislocation my shoulder. After a lot of pain and drama about 45 minutes later they managed to get me out of the halfpipe and into the ski patrol medical center. Where they gave me more painkiller and put my shoulder back into place. I will be out for about 2 to 3 months.

It’s always a challenge to stay positive when things like this happen. But we all know that injuries are a part of our sport and in the end the joy it brings to our lives is always worth the pain of an injury.

This is just another commitment test given by life, but as most of you know my commitment and love for the sport is endless, so they can throw whatever they want at me and I’ll keep getting back up and trying again. Dealing with these kind of things shape you into the person you are suppose to become. They make you stronger, strong means fighting like hell for the life that you want to be living. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and all of this is somehow connected to eventually help me realize my dreams.

Even though my New Zealand trip will be cut short, it was a very important trip. I got to train a fair good amount over the last month and made a lot of progression. Specially in the week leading up to the Winter Games I experienced a great confidence boost. I am finally getting closer to where I want to be, making progression and getting closer to those top spots. Very sad that I didn’t get to proof that in the World Cup, but I am going to continue doing what I’m doing and those results will come. But because of this trip I am going home more confident about the future and in myself. Which is so important in our sport. Injuries in the past have taught me to use all the time you have to the fullest and commit to reaching your full potential all the time. And I definitely feel like I did that on this trip.

The next few months will be all about recovering and training, getting myself ready for coming winter season!

I don’t ski because I love the feeling of skiing. I ski because it makes me love the feeling of living.

Mountain Scene Newspaper

Stoked to be featured in the Mountain Scene Newspaper together with James Woods and Corey Peters!

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De zomer van: freestyle skiester Isabelle Hanssen

Super blij met dit artikel op NSkiV.org en Wintersport.nl!

“Gedreven, dat is waarschijnlijk het woord wat Isabelle Hanssen (21) het beste omschrijft. Ze heeft de ambitie om het freestyle skiën in Nederland eigenhandig op de kaart te zetten en daar offert ze haar zomer graag voor op. Terwijl hier de mussen van het dak vallen, traint zij in het winterse Nieuw Zeeland om haar droom na te jagen.”

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Snowchamps: “Isabelle Hanssen pakt podium en punten in Nieuw Zeeland”

Bedankt Snowchamps voor het Artikel!

“Waar sommigen van ons wellicht nog met de gedachten bij de zon, zee en strand vakantie van afgelopen tijd zitten, daar zijn de professionals alweer aardig bezig om op het gewenste niveau te komen. Zo ook Isabelle Hanssen die naar Nieuw Zeeland is afgereisd waar ze haar naam hoog heeft weten te houden tijdens de afgelopen wedstrijden!”

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Freeskier Magazine article

Stoked to be featured in this awesome article on Freeskier Magazine! Thank you Erika Dahlby!

“Conquering Mountains: These 5 ladies are on a quest for a never-ending winter”

“In the search for an endless winter, these ladies have traveled all over the globe, looking for that last bit of snow. They’re living the dream, usually traveling between hemispheres and working where it’s convenient to ensure they have the ultimate shred season.”

“Hanssen has her sights set on competing in halfpipe during the 2018 Winter Olympics for her home country of the Netherlands. When she’s home in Holland, which is very little, she skis at one of the indoor ski domes. She spends most of her winters in Breckenridge, Colorado and travels to Cardrona, New Zealand for the summer. She’s currently ranked 14th in the FIS world halfpipe standings and with her dedication we’re sure to see that number head upwards.”

Check out the full article here

Today was such a good day!! ☀

Een foto die is geplaatst door Isabelle Hanssen (@isabellehanssen) op

FIS Continental Cup

With only a few days of training back in the halfpipe we started off the southern hemisphere season here in New Zealand with the FIS Continental Cup at Cardrona.

It was a 3 run final, with very challenging and changing weather.
I was very excited to be back competing and it was definitely a good warm up contest for the NZ Freeski open, which is happening in about a week.

I landed two of my safe runs but unfortunately caught an edge on my 3rd run. Luckily my safe runs were good enough to grab 2nd place! Stoked for Keri Herman for grabbing 1st place and Britt Hawes in 3rd place.

Photo by Ben Read

Photo by Ben Read

Photo by Ben Read

I look forward to the NZ Freeski Open, and hopefully will have had some more training by then.
Thank you Snow Sports NZ for organizing a great event!

Dutch Cup tour and Dutch Championships Big air

The Dutch Cup tour is a series of slopestyle and big air events, held at several indoor domes. Besides the winners of each event they also have an overall tour ranking. Your 5 best results will count for the overall ranking.

The Dutch Championships held in Laax Switzerland are also part of the tour. This year the weather was really bad, so we only got to compete in slopestyle. Halfpipe was canceled and Big air was moved to the Dutch Cup finals indoors.

So this past weekend I competed in the Dutch Cup Slopestyle Final and the Dutch Championships Big air.

I managed to win both contests and also win the Overall Dutch Cup tour for Woman freeski.

Shot from the big air contest. Photo made by Jascha Vd Wijden.

How the AFP rankings work, and how I went from 8th place to 21st.

As some of you might have seen in my earlier post back in February I was ranked 8th on the AFP Halfpipe world ranking. I wanted to take the time to explain to you how I ended up on the 21st place at the end of this season.

The AFP ranking system works like this. You have an overall ranking that is based on your top 3 Halfpipe and top 3 Slopestyle results in the last 52 weeks. Then for both disciplines there is a separate ranking based on your best 5 Halfpipe results or 5 best Slopestyle results.

Because not many girls compete in Halfpipe on World Cup level, if you compete (even if you get last) you always get a fair amount of points. So if you compete in all of the high ranked events the chances are at the end of the season you will be ranked in the top 25 on the AFP Halfpipe world ranking.

Because the Dutch ski federation decided at the beginning of the season all skiers had to prove themselves World Cup worthy. I was not allowed to compete in World Cups.
So I missed out on some really big events and missed a lot of points that other girls were gaining.

Even though I was not allowed to compete in World Cups I managed to fight my way to the 8th place in February. I did this by winning a few of the smaller competitions and making top 10 in silver and platinum ranked events.

After this the Federation decided I had proven myself and they allowed me to compete in World Cups. I was already back in the Netherlands and did not have the budget to fly back to America to compete in the Park City Grand Prix World Cup. So Again I missed out on a lot of points and was going down in the ranking.

There was one World Cup left in France and I managed to find the funding to go there and compete. At the end of January I got sick and had multiple throat infections. While still fighting this illness and not being able to sleep my body wasn’t competition ready. Because of this I wasn’t able to perform at my usual level. I ended up in 14th place in France. (I’m getting a tonsillectomy in about a week).

I missed out on a lot of points because I did not have the budget to continue traveling to competitions in Canada and America. This is why I ended up in 21st place (and a 13th place in the overall ranking). So basically when I ran out of budget my ranking went down.

I’ve talked to the AFP about this and they are considering changing the ranking to taking only 3 of your best results. So that people with a smaller travel budget can still get a fair ranking. Because now if you compete in 4 or 5 platinum events and end up last you get a higher ranking than someone who might compete better but can only do one or two.

I hope that from now on I will be able to compete in all high level competitions so I can end up with an accurate ranking next year.